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Jumaat, 11 September 2009

Atong dan Pak Mat Kastam

Atong melalui sempadan Siam menggunakan basikal. Dua beg besar tersandang di belakang Atong. Pak Mat Kastam menahan Atong dan bertanya, "Apa dalam beg tu?", "Pasir," jawab Atong.

"Turun dari basikal!, kita tengok apa betul kau bawak pasir!" Pak Mat Kastam terus mengambil beg tersebut dan dengan pantas membuka beg itu. Sementara pasir itu di ujikaji, Atong di tahan dilokap semalaman. Setelah dibuat ujikaji dan diteliti, pasir yang dibawa Atong memang pasir tulin dan tiada lain selain dari pasir semata-mata. Atong dibebaskan. Pasir kepunyaan Atong di masukkan semula ke dalam begnya dan melepaskannya melalui sempadan ke Malaysia.

Keesokannya perkara yang sama berlaku. Pak Mat Kastam tanya, "Apa yang kau bawak?" "Pasir" kata Atong. Pak Mat Kastam tak puas hati, sekali lagi dia membuat pemeriksaan, tapi beg Atong tak ada benda lain selain pasir semata-mata. Atong dibenarkan melalui sempadan dengan basikalnya.

Hal ini berlaku berulang kali setiap hari selama setahun. Pada suatu hari Atong tak muncul di sempadan. Pak Mat Kastam merasa pelik kerana Atong tak pernah tak melintas sempadan walaupun pada cuti umum. Suatu hari Pak Mat Kastam terjumpa Atong di sebuah pekan.

"Atong" tegur Pak Mat Kastam, "Aku tau kau ada seludup sesuatu. Aku tak boleh tidur memikirkannya. Ok lah antara kita berdua, kau dan aku, sebenarnya apa yang kau seludup?"

"Basikal", jawab Atong ringkas.

Khamis, 10 September 2009

Bonus raya

Sungguh keciwa,
itulah hakikatnya perasaan yang dilalui oleh kakitangan kerajaan
setelah najib mengumumkan pemberian bantuan khas RM 500
untuk penjawat awam kumpulan sokongan.

Ramai yang meluahkan rasa tidak puas hati kepada kerajaan
pimpinan Najib ini, dan bermacam2 spekulasi yang ditimbulkan.

Setelah harga minyak dinaikkan,ini yang 1Malaysia dapat,

Isnin, 7 September 2009

HACK: Google Maps on your fone with NO DATA CHARGES at all!

Hey all!

Just letting you all know about an AMAZING FREE HACK I've found that works with most modern mobile phones / PDAs...

Basically, this hack allows you to download a section of any size from Google Maps, with up to 12x zoom, and then view it on your phone, whether your choose to see the map in Road Map format, Satellite imagery, or Hybrid (road maps with satellite images)... but the best thing is, it's COMPLETELY OFFLINE AND FREE OF CHARGE! So you don't have to pay ANY data charges!

Now in order to get this to work, it's quite complicated, so I'll try and explain it in three parts:


To begin with, you must download the mobile application that can read the map data.

Download here:

That is the software for your mobile phone. A JAR file is a compressed archive, but DON'T unzip it - your phone automatically does that for you.

You must now put the .JAR file on your mobile phone - it's different for all mobiles, so you'll have to fathom this bit out for yourself... you may need to transfer with a cable from PC to fone, or on a mobile memory card, or with a cable...

Now on your phone you must install the application - again, you'll need to solve this for yourself, but once the .JAR file is installed, don't open it right away... We'll come that bit in a moment... :)


This bit's gonna get a little harder, since there's quite a lot of configuration to do. But once it's done, trust me, it's definitely worth it!

Now you must download the software for your computer - this program downloads the maps from the internet on your PC and saves it in a file your phone can read:

Once thats downloaded, install the software and get ready to get your map...

Now, visit:

Follow the instructions on that site, and select an area that you would like to map. Just a tip: I mapped my home city, which is a sort of medium sized city. This took me about half an hour to map, so don't try and do anything too drastic and map the whole world! ;)

Specify your zoom level on the site, from 0 to 12 is probably best for most people - I haven't tried yet so I'm not too sure whether from 0 to 16 is supported, but if someone tries and can get maximum zoom to work, please tell me. :) .

I recommend you choose "Medium" mode, and use Firefox (it processess a lot faster)...

Make sure you take a note about what type of map you've chosen: Map, Satellite, or Hybrid. This will be important later...

Now, IGNORE STEP 5. After clicking generate, SAVE THE .MAP FILE to your DESKTOP... We're going to use that next... Ignore the stuff in stage 5 of the web instructions since we're using an easier method...

Open the program you downloaded a moment ago, GMapMaker - this should be in C:\Program Files\gMapMaker or wherever you extracted to...

Choose "MGMaps Mode, use the file Map" and then load your .MAP file you downloaded from the Map Maker a few moments ago... Click Go and gMapMaker will spend a few minutes downloading the map tiles to your PC.

Once this is done, look inside the gMapMaker program folder. In there you should find a folder named "MgMapsCache". You should right click on this folder and choose copy.

Next, you need to access your phone in file manager mode - if you phone has a memory card, open the root folder with your PC, or connect your phone with a cable, etc. etc. Paste the copied folder into the ROOT of your memory card or phone memory....

Nearly done!


Right! Here we go, let's enable the phone to display the maps...

On your phone, open up the program you installed at the start. It should say "Application Loading, please wait..." or similar...

Once loaded, go to Menu/Settings/Map Browsing and tick the options "Stored Maps" and "Offline Mode". Scroll down further and under "Storage Path" make sure the folder MGMapsCache is selected, wherever you'd pasted it to... keeping up so far? It should be something like "e:MGMapsCache". Set "Memory Cache" to 65536. MAKE SURE YOU CHOOSE SAVE BEFORE GOING BACK...

Enter Menu/Settings/Display, set the Coordinate Format as DD.ddddd.


After Restart, enter Menu/Map Types/Not Available and enable Google Maps, Satellite or Hybrid, depending on whatever the option of map was that you downloaded.

Save all changes, remember. Then go to Menu/Maps Type/Yahoo Maps and disable all options that wre by default enabled, so turn off all the Yahoo maps options...

Nearly done!

Now, in order to find the map on the phone we have to set GMaps Mobile so that when you start up the software the initial point is the map that you have set in the phone, otherwise it'll open to another point of the planet... :D

On your PC, find the .MAP file you downloaded earlier. Now open this file with Notepad or whatever. Within the file as some map coordinates, specifically in Longitude and latitude I think, i.e. -23.026693823076034, -47.2412109375, for example...

On your phone, open the map program and go to Menu/Favourites click on the left softkey I think and select the "Add" option.

This will show you a config screen, so enter the name of the city or area you have mapped in the Name Box. Next, where it says "Latitiude", enter the first coordinate. Note that in the .map file there may be many coordinates, so just enter the first two long numbers you see in the .map file :). Only enter 5 digits after the point! Repeat the same with Longitude but with the second number.

Where it says "MAp Type", choose Google Maps (satellite, hybrid, or whatever it was you chose). Now, save it and restart the mapping software.

Once restarted, go to Menu/Favourites and choose your city name. Ready? GO!

In theory, if you've followed the instructions to the letter, you now have your very own Google maps on your mobile! WAHOOO!

I know it probably took a long time, but YAY! You've done it now!

I'm happy to attempt to provide basic support for you but if it's too advanced for my knowledge or specific to your mobile phone etc, then I'm sorry if I cannot help.

One quick note is that Google may block you from downloading from their map systems if you try again. In the unlikely event that this happens, try using a proxy (there's built in proxy features in the Gmap downloader program).

Lastyly, in case you cannot see the maps, veify cache.conf file, which automatically gets saved along with the maps in the MGMapsCache folder.


List of supported phones:
Sony Ericsson: k750, w800, w810, w580, w610

Nokia: N73




One problem you may find is continuous "Allow application to read user data?" messages on Sony Ericsson phones... You can clicking "More" then "Permissions" then "user data" then "Always allow reaing of user data". Choosing that will stop the message, however, if that message is not available as it sometimes is, in this case there is nothing you can do except for patch your phone to fix the problem. Try looking at:

forums where there's plenty of advice and tutorials on patching Sony Ericsson phones. Note that if you do, I accept no responsibility if you brick your phone and get a very expensive paperweight :) But follow the instructions on there and you should be fine if you get this problem... :D

I spent a LONG time writing this, so PLEASE give thanks if it helped!

Thank you!

Ganyang Malaysia

Indodonesia sekarang semakin melampau
dgn menubuhnya Posko Ganyang malaysia,

Klik link kat bawah untuk melihat videonya

Ganyang Malaysia

Ahad, 6 September 2009

Seloka Aurat

Tutup aurat satu tuntutan,

Dalam keluarga wajib tekankan,

Kalau keras hati gunalah rotan,

Demi melaksanakan perintah Tuhan.

Aurat ditutup mestilah lengkap,

Tudung litup termasuk skap,

Mini telekong pun orang cakap,

Elok dipandang tak payah pun 'make up'.

Berbaju kurung bukanlah mengurung,

Lebih elok jubah jika direnung,

Kaki pula eloklah bersarung,

Agar syaitan susah nak bertarung.

Kalau wanita menutup aurat,

Orang jahat tak berani ngorat,

Bahkan boleh menjadi ubat,

Orang memandang boleh bertaubat.

Pakaian modern memanglah hebat,

Harganya mahal walaupun ketat,

Walaupun cantik tetapi singkat,

Orang memakai pun nampak pusat.

Berseluar ketat baju pun ketat,

Jarangnya pulak boleh dilihat,

Orang yang memakai memanglah dipandang jahat,

Dimurka oleh Allah, Rasul dan para malaikat.

Apa yang aneh bila dipandang,

Lengan pendek tapi bertudung,

Nampak seperti orang yang kudung,

Mata memandang ketiak seperti ikan lolong.

Lagilah aneh bila di fikir,

Baju kebaya tudung berukir,

Nampak dada iman terjungkir,

Kain terbelah peha terukir.

Bila ditanya kenapa begitu,

Dia kata fesyennya dah macam tu,

Di dalam hati niat tertentu,

Menggoda jantan sudahlah tentu.

Menutup aurat boleh berfesyen,

Tetapi jangan menunjuk eksyen,

Sesuaikan diri ikut profesyen,

Kalau dilaknat tak guna sesen.

Kalau nak "Make Up" biarlah padan,

Jangan terlebih bila berdandan,

Minyak wangi juga fikirkan,

Bedak dan gincu sekadar keperluan.

Kasut tinggi cuba jauhi,

Kerana ia melahirkan bunyi,

Boleh menarik perhatian lelaki,

Perbuatan ini dibenci Ilahi.

Apatah lagi menghentakkan kaki,

Menarik perhatian orang laki-laki,

Melenggok punggung membinasakan diri,

Ustaz melihat pun separuh mati.

Buat apa nak tayang jambul,

Kecantikan tak usah ditonjol-tonjol,

Mahkota disimpan tak jadi bisol,

Memakai tudung Islam tersimbol.

Selokaku ini bukanlah jahat,

Cuma saja mahu peringat,

Kepada semua para sahabat,

Terutama sekali rakan sejawat.

Kalau nak ikut nasihat ini,

Jangan bertangguh ubahlah diri,

Benda yang baik tak payah diuji,

Akan terserlah akhlak terpuji.

Kepada semua kawan lelaki,

Jangan tergelak wanita diperli,

Keluarga kita tak terkecuali,

Terutama sekali anak dan bini.

Jangan tunggu nak hampir mati,

Baru teringat nak tutup diri,

Takut Allah tutup pintu hati,

Menyesal tak sudah dikemudian hari.

Tegur terangan muka mencuka,

Dikatakan pulak kubur masing2 jaga,

Kalau betul tu tak apa,

Bila dah mati, yang susah bukan dia.

Sudahkah kita tanamkan iman,

Menutup aurat sepanjang badan,

Ke sana sini dilindungi Tuhan,

Keluarga menjadi contoh teladan.

Setakat ini seloka kami,

Harap dapat menghibur hati,

Apa yang baik hendaklah ikuti,

kalau boleh seikhlas hati.